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David Yenicelik


David Yenicelik, 23, from Zurich, has caused a sensation with Swissloop in Elon Musk's Hyperloop SpaceX. He impressed the jury with his involvement in Skilllab, an international platform designed to help people from diverse backgrounds (e.g. refugees, migrants and others) hone their talents to integrate into the local job market.

Die Jury-Begr√ľndung

«David is very knowledge driven, has enormous drive at his young age, and is active on a wide variety of fronts. Prior to his current project, Skilllab, he spearheaded Swissloop, which finished in the Top3 twice on Elon Musk's Hyperloop SpaceX. With Skilllab, he uses Deep Tech, meaning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and does good for society. He helps people strengthen hidden talents so they can gain a foothold in the job market and the education system. The jury sees David as a NextGen Hero with high potential.»